HOUSTON Seven years after Hurricane Katrina, some evacuees who came to Houston see the new storm in the Gulf as a menacing reminder of the horror they endured.

Katrina put a scar in my heart that will never go away, said Eva Morgan, who now lives on Houston s Angel Lane along with dozens of other people who fled the storm. I know how horrific it was to sit in traffic for hours and hours.

Jacqueline Plaza contemplated what people in Louisiana might be going through now.

I came here with a couple of hundred dollars in my pocket, she said.

Forecasters said Isaac seemed headed toward New Orleans and many residents had taken to the roads and left the city.

Nobody wants to see anyone go through this again, Plaza said. We don t want Houston to be inundated like it was before.

Katrina forced a mass exodus from New Orleans to Houston. When crime spiked after the storm, some residents blamed evacuees, saying they should go back to Louisiana. But some people had nothing to go back to.

Andrew Haughton lost his house and job.

I went through it before, and I don t think I can go through it again, said Haughton. And with another storm bearing down on Louisiana, some evacuees insisted the time to get out of harm s way is now.

If they don t leave, they figure it s just going to pass through, and that s all it s going to do, said Morgan. Nobody knows.

But Morgan and her neighbors said they can never forget.

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