HOUSTON -- Louisiana evacuees who hunkered down from Beaumont to Baytown Monday night said they couldn t help but think about what and who they left behind.

Many hotels and motels over the Louisiana border into Texas reported being at capacity, or having few rooms left.

At the Studio 6 Extended Stay in Beaumont, the Lockett family found comfort in being together. They left many of their friends behind in a small town in St. Charles Parish on the outskirts of New Orleans.

The fear now is I might not go home to anything. I m hoping and praying I do. I m praying I don t lose a loved one, but my fear is that I might not come home to anything, said Marlene Lockett, the mother.

Traveling to Beaumont might ve been a physical escape from Louisiana, but it wasn t a mental one.

It was very scary for us to leave what we left behind and our family and friends, said the grandmother Evelyn Lockett.

From the oldest in the family to the youngest, the trip to Texas was an emotional one.

It s kind of scary and sad, said elementary student Da nia Lockett.

The Lockett family packed up as much food as they could from home. They said their budget is being stretched to its limits.

We don t want to leave. We didn t have the finances to do it, but we did it for our own safety, added Marlene Lockett.

If it keeps them together and out of danger, Marlene Lockett said it ll be worth every penny.

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