HOUSTON--A man has been accused of maliciously killing his family s dog, then setting their home on fire because his stepfather s life was too perfect, according to court documents.

Hugo Bethancourt, 27, has been charged with arson. His bail has been set at $30,000.

Police say thatBethancourt confessed tosettingthefire at the househe shared with his mother and stepfather onon August 3.He saidhe killed the dog by kicking it.

When Bethancourt s stepfather, Glenn Smith, asked about the dog, Bethancourt allegedly said that he wanted his stepfather to go through the same kind of hell that he went through.

As Smith drove to another family member s home that evening, he had an argument on the phone with Bethancourt, who said he was in the family home and that he had plans for Smith, according to investigators.

Smith heard the home s alarms going off as they spoke on the phone.

Bethancourt hadset fire to bedding in two bedrooms atthe home on the 6300 block of Southwood Court North, according to police.

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