LAGO VISTA, Texas Federal agents were aware of the white supremacy ties of Wade Michael Page, the man who killed six people in a shooting rampage at a Wisconsin Sikh temple, but they didn t think that he was an immediate threat. Neither did his friends and family. They said he was just a normal teen when he lived in Lago Vista with his dad and stepmom.

When he lived in Texas with us, he had Hispanic friends and he had black friends. You know, there was none of that, his stepmother, Laura Page, said.

After a year and a half, however, Wade Page moved back to Colorado, where he was raised and his dad, Jesse Page, remained in Texas.

Family friend Travis Wilhow said he feels sorry for the father, who was a very good guy.

Jesse s, he s the best, you know, Wilhow said. I feel sorry for Jesse because he s just a good friend.

KHOU 11 News called Jesse Page and he said he had no comment about what his son did. Neighbors said since the tragedy, Jesse Page has hardly been seen.

Many in the tiny Texas town of 6,000 residents said, like the rest of the country, they struggle to understand why their former neighbor committed the crime.

I feel sorry for the people it s happened to, you know. And my prayers all go out there, said Denise Sims.

If he d been anything like Jesse, upstanding citizen, hard worker, made something in his life. You know, made something of his life, Wilhow said.

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