HOUSTON An off-duty officer discharged his weapon at an armed suspect early Sunday morning, after a car full of men followed him from a bar where he was working.

Around 3:30 a.m., an off-duty Houston police officer left his second job as a security guard at a sports bar.

At that time, a couple of men that he had asked to leave the bar earlier allegedly began to follow him, driving recklessly.

The officer stopped at the intersection of Wayside and the East Freeway, got out of his car and approached the suspects.

The men in the car allegedly told the officer they were too drunk to drive and he directed them to pull over to a nearby gas station and he would help.

Authorities say that is when one of the men inside the vehicle pointed a gun at the officer. The officer pulled his weapon and shot one time into the driver s side car window.

He reports that he doesn t believe he hit anyone.

The suspects took off in their vehicle.

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