WILLIS, Texas The owner of a Willis dog refuge appeared in court on Friday after hundreds of injured animals were found on the property.

Earlier this week, The Humane Society of the United States and local authorities seized 298 dogs from the Spindletop Pit Bull Refuge, where they also discovered a mass grave with the bodies of 38 other dogs.

In court in Montgomery County, Leah Purcell agreed to sign the dogs over to the county and never operate a sanctuary there again.

The condition of the animals, most of them pitbulls, has prompted outrage from around the country.

The animals were living in buildings with little to no ventilation, said HSUS State Director Katie Jarl. The cages were so small most of them couldn t stand up or turn around. They were living in their own waste, and we see from vet exams that many of them have scalded paws from standing in their own urine.

Purcell waived her right to appeal. The case will be presented to the grand jury for possible criminal charges.

Individuals with proper documentation should be able to start claiming dogs within the next few days. For more information contact the Montgomery County Precinct 3 Constable s Office.

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