HOUSTON A neighborhood near downtown Houston is under siege by relentless criminals, and homeowners in the area say they ve had enough. One homeowner has installed bulletproof glass to protect his property.

The double-pane installation might sound extreme, but Joseph Pete says it s what he needed to do to feel safe. Pete and other neighbors in the Delano City Place community said the rash of break-ins in the area have gotten out of control.

The criminals have been smashing through the glass of front doors and slipping into homes. According to neighbors, the majority of the break-ins have happened in broad daylight, and in some cases, residents have been home.

They ll have to break into it pretty hard to even pierce that glass, said Joseph Pete, punching his new bulletproof glass door repeatedly with a gold ring to show its strength.

In case you re wondering, Pete says the bulletproof glass came with a price tag of about $600. He feels it is worth every penny.

If you slow people down, and you make it harder for them to do stuff, chances are they ll move on to something else, explained Pete.

The wave of crime is not isolated to this particular cluster of townhomes.

Houston police said last week a man in a neighboring property shot an attempted car thief numerous times. The shots were fired from a third-story window.

The suspect remained in the hospital Thursday.

The nearby crime was more confirmation for neighbors at Delano City Place. They want to do more to protect their turf.

Now it s like OK that house is there, our neighbors were just attacked. Are we next? Could we be next? said concerned neighbor RoShelle Salinas.

Neighbors will be meeting on Sunday to decide if they ll pay to install a security gate at the front entrance.

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