HOUSTON Police and CPS caseworkers were trying to figure outwhy two toddlers were wandering alone and barefootthrough a southeast Houston park Wednesday afternoon.

Somepeople sitting in the park at Orem and Cullen noticed the children walking barefoot without any adults nearby.

They called police.

How could they leave them two babies out here like that? asked Bernice Sherman, one of the women who found them. Even if they walked [from] her, how can them babies be gone that long and you not realize it?

Thelittle boysappeared to be around 2or 3 years old. They are not related, investigators said.

Sherman and the other people who spotted the boys kept them company while police tried to figure out where they belonged.

Hours later, a woman showed up at the park and said she was the mother of one of the boys. Police were questioning her.

The grandmother of one of the toddlers said a friend took them to the park and that the kids were not left alone.

The kids just wanted to go to the park, that s all, she said.

She said a friend named G Money took the kids to the park.

That was a friend of the family, she said.

But witnesses said they never saw an adult, just two helpless little boys who were frightened and alone.

I ve never seen anything like this in my life, said Elizabeth Wiley.

CPS said the kids would likely be handed over to family members sometime late Wednesday night.

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