HOUSTON It was a terrifying few minutes for a woman who was carjacked by a bank robbery suspect Monday afternoon in northwest Harris County.

The suspect robbed a Wells Fargo at 290 and Skinner around 12:30 p.m., according to deputies.

The robber handed a note to the teller and took off with a bag of cash.

He jumped into a stolen getaway car, but apparently saw something he liked better.

The suspect rear-ended a woman in a Chevy Impala as she pulled into a Walmart gas station.

When Quanique Waller tried to get his insurance information, she noticed cash hanging out of his pocket.

That s when the suspect made his move.

He was asking me for a lighter and had a cigarette in his mouth, Waller said. I didn t think he robbed a bank, and when I turned my head, that s when he put the knife to my stomach and told me to get out of the car.

The suspect drove away. A woman who saw the whole thing called 911 and gave chase.

The lady that came running out to me is someone s daughter, mother, Waller said.

The mini-van driver, who wants to remain anonymous, followed the suspect with her daughter in the passenger seat.

We need to look after each other, she explained. Can t just let bad things happen.

The suspect pulled into a gas station, bailed out of the Impala and carjacked yet another person.

He got away.

Meanwhile, Waller was grateful to be reunited with her Impala.

I said thank you because I didn t have no phone on me, or nothing, she said.

Deputies hope the bank surveillance video will help identify the suspect. They say it will be made public soon.

This was one of threeHouston-area banksrobbedwithin a 90-minute period Monday.

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