HOUSTON Police say an Alvin man set up a hidden camera in his ex-wife s bedroom because he wanted to see her naked.

Manuel Tovar, 42, is charged with improper photography.

According to court documents, Tovar s ex-wife had asked her neighbor to fix an A/C issue in her attic on March 23, 2012. While he was up there, the neighbor said he noticed a laptop partially covered between two rafters.

When he went to investigate, he noticed a USB cord coming from the computer and leading to a small camera, which had been inserted into the ceiling of the victim s bedroom through a small hole and hidden near a ceiling fan.

The neighbor brought the computer down for the victim to look at, and she said she immediately recognized it as belonging to Tovar.

She said when she looked in the My Pictures folder, she saw multiple photographs of herself in various stages of undress.

The wife said the photos appeared to have started in early July of 2011.

She confronted Tovar over the phone and recorded the conversation for investigators.

Investigators said Tovar admitted to hiding the camera and apologized, saying he did it because he wanted to see her in the nude.

The victim said she and Tovar were married in 1991 and divorced in 2003. She said Tovar periodically comes to her home to see his kids, and she knows he had access to her attic in July of 2011, when he went up there to patch a hole in the roof.

Charges were filed against Tovar on May 31, 2012.

As of Monday afternoon, he was not in custody.

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