FORT WORTH, Texas Kali Forrester told a jury Wednesday she still blames herself for what happened to her little brother Eric in April 2010.

He gave her a ride home that day, and they discovered intruders inside the family house.

Losing Eric along with that whole situation just made me feel empty, because he's always been there, and he was my little brother, she said in court. I grew up my whole life with him.

She fought through tears when she recalled April 12, 2010. She said Eric was helping her with a dead car battery and gave her a ride home during his lunch break.

When she and her brother noticed a laptop computer out of place, they heard voices upstairs. They called out when they heard creaking.

When Eric went upstairs to confront the intruders, Kali ran down the street and hid at a neighbor's house.

She called 911, described the suspects, then went back into the house. The five-to-six minute call was played for the jury deciding the punishment for Broderick Patterson.

The defense objected, saying it would make an emotional impact and bias the jurors.

The 911 call starts with Kali hiding, watching the suspects leave her house, then walking into the house to find her brother lying on the floor. He had been shot in the back of the head.

Broderick Patterson has already pleaded guilty to his role in the crime and faces a sentence up to life in prison.

But Kali Forrester is the one who feels like she is being punished.

She said she still locks herself in her room at night and blames herself for what happened to her little brother when they knew someone was in the house.

I told him we needed to find out what it was. I told him both of us need to go up there are see who was up there, Kali told jurors.

More than 30 friends and family members crowded the court to support Kali. They'll be back on Thursday to find out how long Patterson will pay for the crime.

Clifton Elliott is also charged with Eric's murder, and he also faces a possible life sentence.

Elliott and Patterson blame each other for the fatal shooting.


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