HOUSTON A 41-year-old man who fatally shot his 27-year-old common law-wife in a jealous rage at a Walgreen s parking lot early Sunday has been charged with murder, according to Houston police.

Police said Santoyo Rodriguez killed Emelia Oregon-Cruz because he learned she was cheating on him.

Rodriguez found out that Oregon-Cruz had a new boyfriend and was going to meet up with him at the store in the 12600 block of South Gessner Saturday night.

He drove to the store and saw her car parked in the parking lot.He then parked his van and waited for her to return.

When Oregon-Cruz arrived around 1 a.m., Rodriguez confronted her and forced her into his van at gunpoint.

He shot her several times, left her inside the van and took off in her car.Oregon-Cruz died at the scene.

Later that morning, Rodriguez turned himself into the Pearland Police Department, who then contacted the Houston Police Department.
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