HOUSTON A community activist known for helping needy individuals fired back Monday at an ongoing KHOU 11 News investigation that began airing last week.

This is bigger than what the people see, community activist Quanell X told a Houston radio audience Monday morning.

KHOU 11 News reported that some people seeking Quanell X s help said that he wanted money up front -- sometimes thousands of dollars --and once it was paid, he did little to resolve their concerns.

He s a con-artist, said Hilda Pete, a mother who said she paid him a total of $9,000 to help prove her son innocent of murder.

Sandra Laday, who is a nationally-renowned activist, also said she had a disappointing experience when she asked Quanell X for help in finding answers about her son s death.

Laday said she paid Quanell $600.

I feel like I was taken advantage of, she said.

In Monday s radio interview,Quanell Xsaid the broadcasts were actually part of a plot to kill him.

This is bigger than people who are just unhappy with Quanell X, he said on 97.9 FM, KBXX. The plan is to inspire somebody who looks like me to make an attempt on my life.

What? asked the radio host, who was open and supportive of his guest throughout the interview.

Quanell X went on to explain that there had been three assassination attempts against him in the last10 years, which he said authorities knew about, but none of them had been attempted by an African-American.

But now this is to inspire my own people to turn against me, Quanell X said.

We didn t do it, one of his own did, explained the activist, who referred to himself as the last, fearless, uncompromising, young black voice that s on the scene today.

In the interview, Quanell X also said KHOU 11 News recent broadcasts were retaliation against him for giving exclusive stories to other TV stations.

One example he cited was the surveillance video he obtained of the brutal police beating of 15-year-old Chad Holley.

Channel 11 felt I burnt them when I didn t give them that tape, he said.

The tape was first shown during another station s newscast.

However, KHOU-TV s management said Mondaythat Quanell X is flat wrong on this issue.

As for the people who complained that the activist took advantage of them, Quanell said:

But what I d like to say brother is, I have helped thousands of people over my 16-year career as an activist. You find 13 or 14 people that are disgruntled with my work, he said. What lawyer in this city that has been practicing law for 16 years, or what judge, what prosecutor ... and you can t find 13 or 15 people that are disgruntled with their services? Of course you could.

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