LAKE HOUSTON, Texas It s now considered the worst drought ever in a single year in Texas, and it s having a huge impact on Lake Houston, which supplies the city s water.

Business on the lake is drying up as well.

Terrible, it s off at least 50 percent, said Wayne Machann with the Lake Houston Marina. Summer time, normally we have cars lined up on the weekends trying to get in here. This year nothing.

Lake-front property has become beachfront property, with many boats unable to access the water. And each day, as the water recedes, the lake reveals new mysteries, such as railroad pilings from 50 years ago.

If you hit them just the right way, your boat s coming to a complete stop and you can have occupants ejected from the boat, said Sgt. T. W. Harding with HPD Lake Patrol.

Harding says each day he comes to work it s a new low.

We re on an island in the middle of Lake Houston. Normally [it] would be under five feet of water, where we d be standing we d be neck-deep in water, he said.

From the formation of new islands, to birds seemingly walking on water, the levels at Lake Houston are so low, the city may have to start transferring water from lake Conroe to keep its northeast water purification plant operating.

They say 37 feet is kind of the magic number, said Harding. That s what I ve been told. And where are we right now? We re at about 37 and a half feet , that s pretty close.

Just how close?

No rain, we re losing a quarter to a half inch a day, so we re looking at a couple of weeks, Harding said.

Lake Houston provides aboutsix percent of the city's drinking water.

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