HOUSTON -- Carmen Cuneo is an alternate election judge for precinct 210 in Harris County. At least, she was.

Deputies had to escort Cuneo out of the polling station at Saint Mary's Center in southeast Houston, after the actual election judge relieved her of her duties for allegedly disrupting the voting process.

Among other things, Cuneo claimed that people were trying to distribute campaign literature inside the building, which is against the law.

Some voters, including community activist Quannel X, claim Cuneo was intimidating voters and violating their rights.

AsI came up to vote, she stopped meand asked me what I what I was doing here, said Quannel X.

When Cuneo tried to return later in the day, a deputy told her twooptions:leave or go to jail.

Cuneo ultimately left.

The Harris County Attorney's Office says the election judge was acting within her rights when she dismissed Cuneo.

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