HOUSTON A haunting Houston mass-murder case from the 70s is back in the headlines, thanks to a case of mistaken identity.

Michael Baulch was one of 28 young Houston-area men kidnapped, tortured and killed by Dean Corll and two accomplices, Elmer Wayne Henley and David Brooks.

A body believed to beBaulch's was buried beside his brother, Billy, in a single casket. Billy Baulch was also killed by Corll.

Now forensic experts have learned the body lying next to Billy was not Michael after all.

They ve used DNA and other evidence to prove that Michael has actually been in the morgue all these years, one of two victims who had never been identified.

A reporter for Police News, Barbara Gibson, helped discover the mistake while writing a story about the unidentified victims. Gibson is now working on a book.

I am hoping that by the time I finish this book we will indentify these last two and all of these victims will have a voice, Gibson said.

The remains of the unidentified victim in the casket will be exhumed in the fall in an effort to solve the mystery.

I m disturbed that it has to be done, but I can understand the necessity for the records being correct, said David Massey with Woodlawn Cemetery.

The killings finally stopped when Corll was shot to death by Henley, one of his accomplices.

After Henley s confession, many of the victims bodies were discovered in a boat shed in southwest Houston.

The case of the Houston mass-murders remains the worst serial-killing case in Texas history.

Henley is serving six 99-year terms for his role in six of the murders. Brooks is also in prison serving 99 years for one murder conviction.

The identification process is being led by Dr. Sharron Derrick at the Harris County Medical Examiner s Office.

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