HOUSTON -- An investigation is under way to determine how the oil from the BP spill got all the way to Galveston, which is more than 400 miles away.

The Coast Guard says that there are five ships that could have carried oil to Galveston from the spill area. The change in Gulf currents is another possibility.

We are still doing the investigation on that. Trying to determine could it have come in a ship ballast tank or on the side of a ship hull, said Commander Jim Elliot. Just about every oil has its own characteristics.

It takes just 36 hours for the Coast Guard to fingerprint the oil found.

We do have the baseline, so they have that reference right there and they finish the sample and they can compare it, Elliot said.

The main focus has been on the beach where there were ten new tar ball reports in the Galveston area Tuesday. Now those reports extend from Port Arthur to Matagorda.

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