DALLAS Lisa Stone reached out to her friends on a daily basis on the phone or on the Internet but since June 4, no one has heard from the 51-year-old woman.

Stone has vanished.

Her friends are passing out fliers in her Northeast Dallas neighborhood, hoping someone can help them find her.

I'm sick to my stomach, because I feel like some harm has come to her or she is hurt, in some type of danger, said Tina Wiley, Stone's friend.

Wiley and other friends are fearing the worst. They say the former account executive's silence is out of character.

Lisa is Lisa, said high school friend Joani Shannon. She loves her family, loves her pets and loves her friends. She talked a lot. She told you everything good and bad about her. You knew everything about her.

They knew, weeks before her disappearance, that Stone was excited about spending time with a friend.

She talked a lot about that. She was supposed to pick her up at the airport and she never showed, said neighbor and friend Shannon Scott.

Stone's friends filed a missing person report with the Dallas Police Department. Detectives are looking into the case.

News 8 has confirmed that some of Stone's personal belongings including photographs and her birth certificate were found in a dumpster near her home, but so far, nothing points to Stone's whereabouts.

My worst fear is that she has been injured. She can't cry out for help; that's what I'm worried about, Shannon said. I can't get her face out of my mind.

Stone lived with her partner of 15 years. News 8 contacted her,but she declined to comment for this report.


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