HOUSTON The mother accused of burying her baby alive in a shallow grave last week was taking a powerful antipsychotic drug called Zyprexa at the time of the slaying, her attorney said.

It remains unclear if side effects from the drug led toNarjes Modarresi'smental state, but experts say the medication is normally prescribed to bipolar patients who ve experienced severe depression.

It s a first-line medication for bipolar depression, said Dr. Sherri Simpson, a psychiatrist who has used the drug with a number of her patients.

Last week, Modarresi was charged with capital murder. Her attorney said she suffered from postpartum depression, a condition she had been treated for with Zyprexa three years ago, following the birth of her first child.

After giving birth two months ago, she was allegedly taking the drug again.

And by all accounts, she had been in a zombie-like state for two months, said attorney George Parnham.

Doctors say Zyprexa can be effective in treating various symptoms.

It can help reconnect a person with reality and decrease hallucinations, added Simpson. But like all medications, she said Zyprexa has side effects.

Parnham has yet to say whether or not he thinks Zyprexa influenced his client.Modarresi remains in a medical wing of the Harris County Jail without bond.

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