GALVESTON, Texas -- City council members Thursday approved an ordinance restricting golf cart usage that contains different rules for golf cart users who live on the East End and those who live on the West End of the island.

Golf cart users on the East End will be required to have headlamps, taillights, side reflectors, a parking brake, a rearview mirror, a reflective slow moving vehicle sign mounted on the back of the golf cart, turn signals, a horn, brake lights and seat belts. They will be issued a green sticker and allowed to traverse the island in their golf carts.

West End golf cart users won t need turn signals, a horn, brake lights or seat belts, but they won t be allowed to drive east of 103rd Street. They will be issued red decals.

Permits will cost $25 and expire annually.

Under the new ordinance, which complies with state law, golf carts would be restricted to streets where the posted speed limit is 35 mph or less. They aren t allowed sidewalks, streets in the state highway system, including the Pelican Island Causeway and FM 3005, or on the one-way sections Avenue O and Avenue P.

Golf-cart drivers would not be allowed to pull trailers, boats, personal watercraft, skaters or skateboarders.

Passengers would be limited to the seating capacity of the cart, and no one could hang off the sides, stand on the back or ride on the roof.

Parents would be ticketed for allowing children without licenses to drive the carts, according to the draft ordinance. West End golf cart users must have seatbelts for children younger than 7-years-old.

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