HOUSTON The man accused of beating the mother of his children with a tire iron could now face murder charges after his victim died overnight. Terri Sanvicente succumbed to injuries sustained after Jason Bouchard bludgeoned her and waited for police.

It all started Thursday in the 16,400 block of Sky Blue Lane in northwest Harris County.Police said Bouchard arrived at Sanvicente s home and attempted to set it on fire.

The mother of three was home at the time with her kids and their babysitter.

As they were attempting to flee the house, Bouchard attacked Sanvicente with a tire iron.

The Babysitter tried to help, but after Bouchard hit her, she fled to another room with the kids.The babysitter said she could hear Sanvicente pleading for him to stop.

Bouchard then waited for police and was arrested without incident.The kids were taken into CPS custody.

Bouchard was booked into the Harris County jail for aggravated assault, but now the DA will determine if additional charges will be filed.They will have to refer the case to the grand jury.
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