HOUSTON-Even though the recession has many people cutting costs wherever they can, car experts say that routine maintenance should not be on the chopping block. They say that neglecting maintenance can lead to expensive car repairs later.

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ACE master certified mechanic Mikey Yu said that getting tires rotated will cost $25, but getting a tow truck to come help you on the side of the road after a blowout costs $100.? Blowouts can be dangerous too.

Yu said that letting a mechanic give your car or truck an alignment costs about $80, but needing suspension work and new struts costs $400.

An oil change costs as little as $21 if you don't need synthetic oil, Yu said.? He said that an engine overhaul runs $3000 easily.

Yu said that one of his clients had to get a new engine for her vehicle because she had not taken care of basic maintenance.

"I mentioned it to her many times before. She actually only had less than 45,000 miles before the actual engine kaputed," Yu said. "So basically, she ended up needing a new engine. So all said and done, that car should have realistically lasted her easy a cool 120,000 miles."

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