HOUSTON-Families can get about $60 worth of groceries for just $30 through a group called Angel Food Ministries.

The group uses churches to distribute groceries directly to consumers.

Angel Food buys products directly from producers, just like the grocery stores do, but they cut out the middle man and sell it to folks for $30 a box.

Angel Food workers decide what to put in the boxes. They can include everything from steaks to French fires to desserts.

"The food is not leftovers. It's not dented cans. It's not unsold merchandise," Rev. Mark Downs of Heights Presbyterian Church said.

There are even monthly specials, like low sodium dinners for senior citizens.

And the best part is, the food is for everyone.

"People come through in Lexuses. We have a blind man who gets off a bus," Downs said.

The Angel Food's motto is, "If you eat, you qualify."

The food is shipped to distribution sites by refrigerated trucks once a month.

You can pick it up at any one of 22 churches participating in the Houston area.

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