HOUSTON -- Only one of three Houston Texans who were ill this weekend was suffering from flu-like symptoms, and the team doctor didn t call it swine flu.

Houston had the NFL s first confirmed case ofswine flu in tight end Anthony Hill</a>.Safety Eugene Wilson was inactive for Sunday s game against Oakland after becoming so ill he could barely walk.

Dr. Jim Muntz says he isn t sure Wilson had the same syndrome as Hill. Wilson had body aches, but no fever and was sent home to protect the team. Muntz says Wilson phoned him Sunday night and felt better.

Running back Chris Brown and linebacker Xavier Adibi were also ill Sunday, but Muntz says they had gastrointestinal problems.

Coach Gary Kubiak also hinted that quarterback Matt Schaub was a little under the weather Sunday, but didn't elaborate.

Hill is better and should be allowed to return to practice this week. Muntz says players can return to practice if they haven t had a fever for 48 hours.

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