DALLAS Shopping especially for swimsuits is a lot more fun for Lori Rupp these days.

I can feel comfortable being at the pool in a swimsuit and not worry about thinking I'm a 12-year-old boy, she said.

Rupp feels more comfortable because of breast augmentation.

According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, more young women are having the procedure. More than 3,300 women under the age of 19 had breast augmentation surgery in 2013; that's a 64 percent increase in the past decade.

We're seeing more people interested in breast augmentation; it's growing, said Dallas plastic surgeon Dr. William Adams. The demographic of 18-to-28 years old.

Adams is considered an international expert in breast augmentation. He developed new surgical techniques that make implant surgery safer for patients.

He says education about the risks is especially important for young women, because it won t be a one-time surgery.

They're young, Adams said. They're going to live a long time. There's potential for having to replace the implant or having to do other surgeries. There could be unexpected risks and complications. All that has to be discussed.

Adams also says younger women should be carefully screened to make sure they are doing the procedure for the right reasons.

I work out, eat healthy and try to take care of myself, but there's only so much you can do for other aspects of your body, Lori Rupp said.

She is 25, and got her surgery after college graduation. Her augmentation was subtle, but she says it has boosted her career confidence as much as her shape.

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