WILLIS, Texas -- Investigators with the Montgomery County Fire Marshall's office, the ATF and the Texas Railroad Commission combed through debris hoping to find what sparked the home explosion that sent three people to the hospital.

Investigators say the home's propane tank was found intact and the pressure inside appeared normal. It had been refilled about a month ago.

They tested pipes going from the tank into the home for any propane leaks, so far, none have been found.

Investigators are also checking the home's septic system, trying to rule out whether a buildup of methane gas could have caused the explosion.

It was like walking through a war zone, said neighbor Tim Akins. There were nails, insulation and stuff everywhere. It was awful.

The homeowners, Jason and Kristin Brown remained at Memorial Hermann Hospital. Kristin's brother, Ryan Mitchell, has been released.

Neighbors were caring for the couple's five surviving dogs who were treated at a localveterinarian's office for minor injuries. One dog was found dead in the debris, another was still missing.

Neighbors also helped the victims relatives sift through what's left in the debris.

They found the lady's wedding ring, and also found the [couple's] wedding photo album, said Akins. We just hope and pray for the best.


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