DALLAS It was another busy weekend on North Texas lakes... or what's left of them in the ongoing drought.

Low water levels have led to more safety warnings, but it's also made a difference in the business of boating this year, as we found Sunday at the DFW Boat Expo.

Jamey and Kiersten McCurry of Frisco are considering a new purchase that comes with the promise of fun-filled summer days on the water.

We ve been kicking the idea around for years, and never thought it was the right time; but now maybe it is, Jamey said.

That's because the dry conditions might make it just a bit more affordable. With the lakes being low right now ... maybe some of these guys want to make a bit better of a deal, he said.

One dealer admitted that the McCurrys are right.

When the water s a little low like this, some people cannot buy, so most of the dealers have probably got a little too much inventory, said David McIntyre of The Slalom Shop. There s no question that dealers are probably cutting prices a little bit more then they usually do, because their supply is a little high.

So if you re shopping around like the McCurrys, your timing is good.

You guys are already predicting rain for next week right? So that s a great thing! McCurry gushed.

The DFWBoat Expo continues July 18-20 at Dallas Market Hall.


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