HOUSTON Music lovers and retailers say vinyl records from back in the day are back in style.

For us it s been an accelerating trend since 2007. In 2007 vinyl overall was about 15 percent of our business and now it s over half of our business, said Quinn Bishop, with Cactus Music.

In the age of digital downloads it appears teens to twentysomethings want something to hold on to.

You have a lot of young people who have a book shelf mentality. For the things that they care about they really want to own it. They want to see it on the shelf and enjoy it in the physical form, Bishop said.

John Baldwin, 27, not only collects records, he makes them.

I m a record guy. I ve been collecting records for most of my life, so, I m a vinyl guy, he said.

Baldwin is the drummer for New West recording artists and local pop rock band Wild Moccasins.

Especially on tour, a lot of people, after you play, will want to buy your album and they ll only want to buy it if it s on vinyl, he said. A lot of people just do downloads and then vinyl.

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