HOUSTON -- After a successful, year-long pilot program, Reliant is now offering the Predictable 12 plan to everyone.

That means customers who sign up will pay the same flat rate, every month, for unlimited electricity.

William Clayton, Vice President of customer care operations, says it s the first of its kind in Texas and will make budgeting easier for customers, including those on a fixed income, or college students who may be paying for living expenses for the first time.

The customers who have signed up for it have really enjoyed the simplicity of it, said Clayton.

But David Karohl says the convenience of a predictable bill is not for everyone.

His company, My Best Plans, helps homeowners find the best utility rate for their needs.

I checked out my own offer this morning using my historic usage that Reliant quoted me, and my quote was twice what I actually paid in the last 12 months, Karohl said.

He said he will still consider the flat rate plan for his customers, but warns consumers to read the fine print.

The more they promote a given plan, the better it is for the electric company and the less good it is for the consumer, he said.

Heights resident Steve Milner worries some customers may use more electricity than they need, just because they can.

He said his bill during peak summer months averages about $140.

But he said the flat rate wouldn t work for him when the weather cools down.

We may get a bill from Reliant that s $30, $40, or $50, said Milner.

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