HOUSTON --- Baytown police arrested three suspects Wednesday in a decade-old double murder case.

It happened on September 11, 2004 at the Village Lane Apartments located at 4601 Village Lane. At about 12:25 a.m. Baytown police found 19-year-old Juan Grimaldo and 19-year-old Fernando Salinas lying in the northwest area of the apartment complex. Both had been shot multiple times.

The case was closed due to a lack of information, but reopened in March of 2013 as Baytown police detectives developed new leads. Detectives conducted surveillance Wednesday at several addresses throughout Baytown and were able to execute warrants and take all persons of interest into custody.

Baytown police detectives said they conducted interviews with the individuals and ultimately were able to obtain confessions from three Baytown brothers.

They were identified as Jason Sanchez, 35; Pedro Sanchez, 31; and David Lee Sanchez, 32. Detectives said the 32-year-old brother was the actual shooter and he has been charged with capital murder.

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