VICTORIA, Texas A young mother was killed and her little girl was injured when their house was obliterated Wednesday morning, according to the Victoria County Sheriff s Office.

Haley Singer, 26, and her only child were at their home on Oak Colony Drive when the house exploded around 7 a.m.

To me it looked like a tornado went through there. You know everything is just torn up, said Ronald Pray, Victoria County Fire Marshal.

The mother was found dead where the kitchen once stood and her baby girl was found sandwiched between two mattresses, buried under splintered lumber and other debris. Her injuries, miraculously, were minor.

When we arrived on there and just saw rubble, I mean literally rubble, there was no remnants of a house whatsoever, said Victoria County Sheriff T. Michael O Connor. The fact that the child survived is incredible.

Rescuers used air bags, jacks and other items to pick up the debris to get to the location where the baby was.

They heard an outcry and they started digging in the vicinity of the outcry and that s where they discovered the infant, Sheriff O Connor said.

Investigators say the house was fed by propane, and although the mom was found in the kitchen, they aren t ready to single it out yet as the cause of the explosion. They are still investigating every possible source.

Several nearby homes sustained damage from the explosion. Along with the home insulation and other debris scattered on rooftops and fields, neighbors also found paperwork a quarter mile away: medication and breastfeeding instructions for a brand new mom.

But even Sheriff O Connor is amazed by what he saw this morning and what he says he can compare it to.

When I pulled up it looked every bit of West, Texas, he said. He is even more amazed that more people didn t die on Oak Colony Drive in the explosion.

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