PASADENA, Texas They pretended to be residents living at the Red Bluff apartments in Pasadena, and ordered a pizza late night pizza. All the while, they were staking out the Pizza Hut driver, waiting for the delivery.

The fact that they re gonna be in a parking lot. It s dark. It s late at night. There are probably not a lot of people around, said Vance Mitchell, public information officer for the Pasadena Police Department.

Holding a kitchen knife and tire tool, they threatened and then robbed the driver. The suspects took the driver s cell phone, cash and credit cards. After police arrived, they knocked on the door of the unsuspecting residents, where the pizza was ordered to.

And the person had no idea about a pizza delivery, said Mitchell.

The thieves got away with the driver s credit cards and head to the nearest store.

It s pretty quick because they go as quickly to a store as they can to check the credit cards to see if it s any good. If it works, they ll probably do some shopping with your card, said Mitchell.

But the suspects didn t stop there. They targeted another driver from a Pizza Hut in Deer Park and other restaurants in the greater Houston area, including one in Channel View and one in Dickinson.

The pair is still on the run and was last seen in an older model, white pick-up truck. Pasadena and Dickinson police are asking for your help. Please call Crime Stoppers with any information (713) 222-TIPS.

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