HOUSTON Houston police are investigating the case of a 15-year-old girl, who says she was sexually assaulted by a man inside an adult video store.

The teenager told authorities she was waiting for a bus in the Greenspoint area when a man struck up a conversation with her, threatened her and ordered her to get onto the bus with him.

He verbally threatened her, told her if she tried to do anything he would hurt her real badly, said the girl s father. So she said she was real scared and she didn t want to cause any problems so she just went along.

They reportedly rode a short distance aboard the bus and disembarked near a video store on Beltway 8. A security guard who walked off at the same exit said he noticed the man and the girl and thought something about their behavior looked peculiar.

The girl said she was taken into the video store and sexually assaulted.

A clerk in the store said that when he inquired about the girl s age, the alleged assailant identified the teenager as his girlfriend. The clerk said another customer in another booth overheard what he thought was an argument between the man and the teenager.

The security guard, who said he had stopped for a quick breakfast at a nearby fast food restaurant, later walked outside and noticed the alleged assailant briskly walking away. He said he approached the teenager, who told her she had been assaulted.

I really hope they can find this guy and get him of the street, because I know more than likely my daughter s not the only one he has attacked, said the father, who s unidentified to protect his daughter s anonymity.

Metro said it had interviewed at least a half-dozen drivers along the route where the girl said she was abducted, but none of them reported seeing anything consistent with the teenager s account.

Police ask anyone with information to call either HPD or Crime Stoppers.

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