HOUSTON -- Some residents in The Heights have been victimized twice in recent months. First by shattered windows and now the problem is stolen tires.

Two nights ago, thieves took them off a Toyota Tundra and a Chevy Tahoe. They were worth nearly $7,000.

It happened outside homes in the 1800 blocks of Cortlandt and Harvard streets.

Bob Mediros said his wife noticed a suspicious dark pickup truck driving slowly down the road not long before the wheels went missing.

He now wishes someone had a better look at the thieves.

They come in, boom, gone, he said. Nobody sees them, nobody knows anything.

The neighborhood has seen its share of mischief in recent months. Not long ago someone shot out the windows of several cars and trucks with a BB gun.

Residents are now convinced that the bad guys are watching.

They know your schedule probably better than you do, Ronnie Reese said. I ve let it be known, you come into this yard, you re going to die. That s all there is to it, you know. I m going to protect my property.

It is not clear if the shooting and the stealing could be connected.

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