HOUSTON -- Very little rustles neighbors along quiet Forest Hill Boulevard, but Tuesday evening, the sense of peace in the community was shattered in the most unimaginable way.

It was such a horrible thing to happen and to see, said Albert Trujillo.

It s inhumane and uncalled for, said Louis Pena.

Both men who are neighbors on the street, spoke while standing next to a dead dog that was lying near a ditch with its collar and leash still attached.

Then they described what they had witnessed around 630 Tuesday evening.

We saw a car coming, a black Mustang and it looked like it was dragging a piece of rag, said Trujillo. And then we noticed it was a dog.

That s when Trujillo yelled out to the driver whose passenger was holding the leash and laughing.

And he got startled and looked at me, said Trujillo. And he just dropped it. He dropped the dog right there. It landed right here in the middle of the street. And he just took off.

Neighbors called 911. Houston police are investigating what happened as a case of animal cruelty. They are looking for the black mustang. And neighbors hope nearby surveillance cameras captured the sick act.

The dog was totally at their will, said Pena. And they re going to do this. To take advantage of him.

He was likely someone s pet. Trujillo and Pena don t know his name, but believe he should pay for this cruel act.

They should get whatever comes to them by the law, said Pena. Whatever the law states.

The SPCA Animal Cruelty Division is investigating. If you have any tips, please call 713-869-7722.

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