HEMPSTEAD, Texas Gerald Robinson has worn a Hempstead ISD police uniform for more than five years. This week, he was abruptly fired.

It was like a gut check, said Robinson, who has been chief since 2010. It hit me hard. Since I ve been at Hempstead ISD, I have done nothing wrong.

According to the termination letter, Superintendent Delma Flores-Smith said he called her a stupid b**** and referred to the school board members as dumb a** idiots.

I have no idea why she would be coming after me, he explained to us.

Reporter Tiffany Craig asked, So you didn t use this language?

No ma am I didn t, he replied.

A statement from Hempstead ISD says, His termination was based on several factors which included insubordination and lack of integrity; however, the main factor in his termination was his failure to investigate the bus tampering incident that occurred in February.

The bizarre bus sabotage incident included the cutting of brake lines on several district buses and a dead cat placed near the scene.

Apparently, the superintendent and the former chief were at odds about the crime.

There s opinions out there that this is a sabotage of the buses, about vandalism, even about a terroristic threat, explained Robinson. In my opinion, it was criminal mischief and that s exactly what I investigated.

Robinson was terminated on Tuesday.

This wasn t just a job for me, he said. The district, the kids, the teachers, everybody it s more or less a family to me and I feel like my family has been taken away from me.

Hempstead ISD made international headlines last year after the principal of Hempstead Middle School made an announcement on the loud speaker telling students not to speak Spanish.

Principal Amy Lacey said it was to avoid disruptions but the announcement outraged and divided the people of Waller County.

Last week, the school board voted to not renew the contract of the principal.

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