HOUSTON - Houston police say a driver was killed when he tried to outrun an officer on the southeast side of town overnight.

The crash happened around midnight Thursday on Moline Street near Poplar Street.

Police said a HoustonPolice Department officer saw a suspicious driver traveling slowly down Dover. When he ran the plan, it came back registered to a different vehicle.

The officer tried to pull over the driver, but he took off at a high rate of speed bouncing over speed humps in the road and losing control. The Lincoln Town Car slammed into three large oak trees at a high rate of speed, ripping it apart.

I just heard a real loud noise, and Ithought somebody had hit my car, said nearby resident Ricardo Espinoza. I came out here, and that car was all messed up over there. I heard the cops coming up, I guess they were chasing him or something. He got ejected from the car, and he was pretty much laying behind the car.

The driver was taken to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Police said they weren t sure why the driver tried to flee. They said his vehicle was not stolen and belonged to him, and it wasn t clear why he had fake plates on the vehicle.

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