HOUSTON -- An elderly manwas arrested for shooting a neighbor's dog Monday in the South Acres community, according to Houston police.

The 13-pound mixed breed puppy named Betsy survived, but she's limping on her wounded leg.

Owner Emma Adderley denies that Betsy waspooping in the neighbor's yard.

She would run and go across and maybe smell a little bit, said Adderley. But she wasn't doing her business in his yard.

On Monday morning, Adderley wasn't feeling well so her son took Betsy outsideto run around.

Terrance Ferguson saw 79-year-old Joe Richard with the shotgun in the garage but never expected him to use it.

It was no secret that Richard didn't like dogs.

If he sees a dog coming towards his house, he'll get a brick and hide behind the wall, Ferguson said.

Butwhen Ferguson left Betsy and walkedbehind the house, he heard the unmistakable sound of a shotgun.

I hear pow, said Ferguson. So I came back quick and I look, and the dog was already coming towards me full of blood.

Adderley called 911 and Richard was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

This dog is innocent, she said. He's a friendly little pet. He can't harm nobody.

Adderly is grateful Betsy survived, but now she's stuck with a big vet bill.

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