LOUISVILLE, Ky. (WHAS11) -- The 140th Kentucky Derby is just 39 days away and another sign the most exciting two minutes in sports is close showed up at Churchill Downs on Tuesday.

The solid gold trophy that goes to the owner of the winning horse is now in town.

It is a long intricate process to create the 14-karat gold trophy. Artisans started working on it in November.

Two of the primary artisans who created the trophy are a husband-wife team, Bill and Susanne Blackinton Juaire. Susanne was on hand on Tuesday to deliver the coveted trophy and said the most difficult part of making the trophy is actually bringing it to Louisville.

The trophy is 22 inches tall with a 14-karat gold horse and rider atop it and horseshoe-shaped wreath handles. It sits on a jade base and weighs about 60 ounces.

For the first time in three decades the trophy already has engraving on it except of course the winner's name.

The $2 million Kentucky Derby will be May 3.

The trophy will be on display at the Kentucky Derby Museum until May 3.

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