FORT WORTH,Texas Tish Davis finds some comfort knowing her friends are nearby, and she is in her home.

Now that I'm in Fort Worth, I feel good, she said.

Davis is one of 25 people who were run down by drunk driving suspect Rashad Owens at the South By Southwest festival in Austin last week, according to police.

But any comfort she now feels disappears when she knows her boyfriend, Dre Tatum, remains in the intensive care unit at an Austin hospital. Both were victims when a car plowed right into them Thursday night.

Out of nowhere... I don't know what happened, Davis said. I woke up with my granny in the hospital.

What she does remember is getting some food with a friend; then, as were walking in a crosswalk, police said a car driven by Rashad Owens hit them.

Police said Owens was driving drunk; three people died and 22 others were injured.

Dre Tatum suffered brain damage, and he remains in a coma at an Austin hospital. It is very hard for a high school sweetheart to grasp.

I don't want to talk about Dre, Davis said.

So much has changed for Trimble Tech senior. Davis is in a cast for a broken leg and heavy scarring on her forehead.

If she had a chance to talk with Rashad Owens, here's what she would say:

There s gonna be a whole bunch of hatred toward him. I'm not even mean, but he s gonna get some words.


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