SAN ANTONIO -- The suspects who allegedly broke into SeaWorld San Antonio did so as part of a college fraternity initiation, according to a police report.

Six college students in their 20s scaled the walls of the theme park just after 2 a.m. Wednesday, SAPD investigators said. The men were spotted by park security, who then called San Antonio police. Officers chased after the six intruders and eventually caught two of the men.

San Antonio police identified the apprehended suspects as Duc Nguyen, 23, and Huy Mai, 18. Four other males remain at-large. They all face charges of criminal trespassing.

According to the police report, the Houston-area suspects drove to San Antonio to take photos with SeaWorld animals after hours. May told police they were not staying at any local home or hotel and planned to drive back to Houston following the stunt.

SeaWorld officials said none of the animals were injured, but police allege the men did break into a storage area and take ice cream.

The University of Houston confirmed Wednesday Nguyen is a registered student at the school.

SeaWorld released the following statement:

SeaWorld is working with San Antonio law enforcement to investigate individuals who were unlawfully trespassing early this morning. San Antonio Police Department has custody of two individuals, and SeaWorld has not found any animals harmed as a result of this morning's event.

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