HARRIS COUNTY, Texas Sheriff s deputies were out in full force, surrounding a Chase bank in Copperfield, after it was robbed in the middle of the day Saturday.

Three black males armed with pistols came into the bank. Two the males jumped across the counter where the tellers were. One male went to the back of the bank, said Sgt. Gordon Trott, with the Harris County Sheriff s Office.

The suspects told the bank tellers and the customers to get on the ground and then demanded one teller to open the cash drawer. No one was hurt, but the robbers sped off with an undisclosed amount of cash.

There was a lady in the line and then we heard a red truck squeal out of here, said Shelly Canales, owner of the salon across from the bank.

They drove off in a red F-350 pickup truck blocks away to an automotive shop.

One guy was jumping around and then one guy jumped out the car to another vehicle, said an automotive employee.

It didn t raise any eyebrows at first.

Maybe it was a customer dropping off a vehicle here, that s all I thought, but then the other vehicle sped off. I looked and saw that the car was running. I looked inside and the ignition was broken, said an employee of the automotive shop.

The red truck is reported stolen from Houston. It s all part of the suspects plan that has long time businesses owners in the strip mall worried. They say this is the second time the bank has been robbed.

I had just been over there an hour and a half before it happened and I know a lot of people in there so I m sure I ll get the news later, said Canales.

Detectives kept witnesses inside the bank for several hours.

Pay attention is what I always say. Pay attention and be aware of what s going on and have everybody working together, said Canales.

A reminder for the business owners that crime can happen in broad daylight and it can happen more than once.

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