HOUSTON As cold and icky as it was on the opening day of Rodeo Houston 2014, the bad weather didn t trump Brad Paisley, who is the concert headliner.

Middle school students on a field trip were about the only ones braving the weather outdoors at the carnival.

Rocio Vasquez, 13, said she wanted big prizes: a big teddy bear.

We actually want to go to the roller coaster but it s closed, said Diana Cortez, another 13-year-old student.

That was thanks to the wet weather, too.

So other than bundling up, how were folks keeping warm?

Keep eating. Keeps you warm, advised Anna Serrentino, who was seasoning a corn on the cob.

Corn isn t just for ethanol anymore. Rodeo goers in need of fuel can think of corn as good carbs.

Folks were needing to keep their head warm, even without sporting traditional western wear.

Emily Leal was wearing a polar bear cap with long scarf mittens.

It s a new look, a new style for 2014 rodeo, The 13-year-old quipped.

Indoors you can buy all kinds of things to keep you warm, including hides and sheepskin: under or overstated. At Monique s Leather there were elegant cow hides and sheepskins in every color, including red and purple.

Looking at the peach colored sheepskin, Maria Sidoni joked that her booth has something for everyone.

For people with good taste, bad taste and everything in between, she said.

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