HOUSTON A Nevada man who claims he has the remains of a Bigfoot is bringing the creature to Katy.

Rick Dyer claims to have seen the 9-foot creature in the woods near San Antonio in 2012. He said he shot a short phone video then shot the creature and took it to a still unnamed university to have it tested and verified.

The taxidermy is on the road, now in Katy, and draws people in just pulling into a parking spot.

Dyer s pitch is simple, Step right up...and see a Bigfoot.

Stephanie Campbell, who said she saw the KHOU 11 News story a few weeks ago, said she had to see for herself and paid $10 to view it.

It is different. I don t know what to believe, Campbell said. Then after a second look behind closed doors she said, OK, I believe.

Dyer himself does have a history. He was caught in a Bigfoot hoax in 2008 after using a $400 modified gorilla suit.

Here is how he explains it:

The men in black came to take the Bigfoot. They took it, left me with nothing but I already opened my mouth and I had to do something so that is why I created a fake, Dyer said.

Many people are skeptical of Dyer s claims.

Nah, it is not worth it. Sorry being honest, said Travis Warren.

Warren said his problem is both with the look of the creature itself and the story,

Found it by the Home Depot in San Antonio? I mean come on, Warren said after paying $10 to see Dyer s exhibit.

Skeptics, or believers, don t really matter to Dyer, he said.

Because this is my Bigfoot. I will do what I wanna do with my Bigfoot, he said.

Making a buck is at the top of the list.

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