BELLAIRE, Texas Brazen burglars hit a fashionable home on Beech Street in Bellaire, hauling off a 300-pound safe holding hundreds of thousands of dollars of jewelry.

They struck Monday, about 2:15 p.m., breaking the glass on French doors in the back of the home. Security cameras captured very clear images of the three suspects at work. The men went straight to the master bedroom and a safe.

The safe had 40 years worth of my wife s life; jewelry, trinkets she received from her grandparents, the homeowner, who didn t want to be identified, said. There were things she wanted to give to our grandchildren.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars in jewelry and $7,000 in cash was taken. Bellaire Police Det. Gil Macedo said the suspects were determined.

It was a 300-pound safe the safe was actually bolted onto the floor, he said. The suspects must ve worked hard to take that safe out of there. They dragged that safe from the bathroom all the way outside cause officers found drag marks on the floor.

This is not the first time the house has been hit. Eighteen months ago, burglars also struck, targeting the safe which was smaller then. They actually threw it over the landing onto the first floor below.

There was a big dent on the bottom of the floor, possibly it was an attempt to get it open, Macedo said.

The fall did break open the safe. There was little in the safe that time, so the homeowners didn t lose much.

Bellaire police don t think the burglaries are connected. They suspect amateurs in the first case and professionals this time. Neighbors are on alert, saying they have only had minor problems before.

We occasionally have car break-ins. My car has been broken into. There have been broken windows, when people park on the street, Holly Rosof said.

Plenty of home security cameras, both from the victim and other homeowners captured the suspect s getaway vehicle too, a green Chevy Malibu.

We ve got a lot of angst going back to the house, the victimized homeowner said. We just don t know what s happening in the world today.

He is offering $5,000 on top of the Crime Stoppers $5,000 for a total $10,000 reward in the case.

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