HOUSTON The daughter of a missing Humble woman says that she spoke with her on Thursday and she is safe in Hollywood.

The vehicle of the missing woman from Humble was found Thursday at the downtown Houston Greyhound bus station.

The discovery provided one of the only clues to Ava Hicks whereabouts.

The Humble woman disappeared on her way to work Tuesday around 2 a.m. Since then, her family has been searching for clues at the airport and the bus station. They found the woman s Chevy Malibu, with her phone and keys inside.

Hours after Harris County Sheriffs detectives arrived at the downtown bus station, they revealed key information that helped calm the family.

She has told some of her loved ones that she always wanted to go to Hollywood, California, that s where the credit card was used. She borrowed luggage from a family member, a couple days ago, said Sgt. Doug Thomas with the Harris County Sheriffs Office Missing Persons Unit.

That luggage was not at her home or inside her car. Detective Thomas confirmed the car had been at the bus station since Hicks disappeared on Tuesday. No surveillance footage shows her entering the station.

They checked to see if anyone had purchased a ticket in her name and nothing, said Toliver.

But that doesn t mean she didn t get on a bus early Tuesday morning.

If you pay cash for a ticket you don t need any ID to get on the Greyhound, said Sgt. Thomas. We re waiting to confirm that the credit card was used by her, through pictures through the ATM machine.

The new information is a relief for relatives, but now the family has more questions: why would a mother and grandmother get up and abandon her life without saying goodbye?

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