HARRIS COUNTY, Texas Investigators are still trying to track down the drivers who struck a 14-year-old girl Monday night and kept going.

Ruekwe Nicole Tobor had an argument with her parents and ran into traffic near Barker Cypress and River Sage.

A woman was driving by when she saw the body of the 9th grader at Cypress Lakes High School.

I did as much as I could for her. I don t feel like I did enough, said Denise. I m so worried. I don t want her family to think there wasn t anyone with her when she went.

Denise had her three-month-old baby and her mother in the car. They pulled over to try and stop other cars from hitting the girl.

Even when I was pulled across the lane, people would go around the front of my car and hit her, she said. People didn t even realize what was going on. It was pouring down rain. The visibility was horrible.

Witnesses said the teen was also wearing dark-colored clothing.

I don t know how anybody could not know they hit her, Denise said. She was not a small 14 year old. She was the size of an adult female.

She pleaded for the drivers to do the right thing.

If you did this, turn yourself in, she said.

Anyone with information should call the Harris County Sheriff s Office at 713-221-6000.

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