DEER PARK, Texas A 29-year-old woman is in custody after police said she inflicted bodily harm to her 3-month-old infant son in October in Deer Park.

Christina Williams, of Deer Park, is charged with injury to a child in connection with the incident, court records state.

According to the Deer Park Police Department, Williams took her son to Bayshore Hospital on Oct. 22 after she said her 10-year-old daughter had stepped on him and broken his leg.

The infant was treated by hospital staff, who also conducted a full-body scan on the injured child, police said. The scan revealed multiple fractures throughout the infant s body.

Because of the severity of the child s injuries, he was transported to Memorial Hermann Hospital, police said.

A pediatric doctor examined the child on Oct. 23 and determined that he had had suffered multiple fractures that were in various healing stages, police said. The physician added that Williams' story was not consistent with the injuries.

The doctor said the child s broken leg was an oblique fracture, which is consistent with a twisting force applied to the leg.

The doctor said the child also had:

  • - Multiple right-sided skull fractures from two separate blows to the head
  • - A fracture on one of his ribs consistent with a squeezing force to the chest
  • - A commuted fracture of the left clavicle
  • - Healing fracture of the left humerus
  • - Healing fracture of the left tibia and a fracture of the left fibula
  • - And several other fractures.

Along with the fractures, the doctor said the infant also suffered from inadequate nutrition.

Williams denied assaulting the child and said the she and her common-law husband, Cory Sanchez, were to only ones to take care of the infant.

Sanchez told police he was not around when the infant suffered the broken leg. However, he told them that Williams struggled with the abuse of pain pills and had been under extreme stress due to her probation.

She remains in jail with a $200,000 bond.

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