KATY, Texas Dozens of students at three Katy ISD schools got sick after eating lunch Thursday.

A total of 57 students at Wolman, Morton Ranch and Kilpatrick Elementary schools had an allergic reaction to something in the Uncle Ben s Mexican infused rice, according to Katy ISD.

Their symptoms included shortness of breath, an itchy rash and a warm sensation without fever.

A few were sent home.

However, none of the students required outside medical attention, Katy ISD spokesperson Denisse Cantu said. Their condition improved with water within a short period of time.

My friends were talking about it, and I asked them about it. One of the guys that was there said it actually happened to him, said 10-year-old Sarah LaCroix.

Sarah LaCroix, a 4th grader at Wolman, did not eat the rice that sickened her classmates.

Her younger brother ate it and felt just fine.

It tastes how it usually does, and I never got sick, said 7-year-old William LaCroix.

Their mother volunteers at Wolman and credits school staff for jumping into action as soon as some students began complaining.

I noticed when I walked to the workroom past the nurse s office, it kind of looked like they were having a party because there were so many kids in there, said mother Deidra LaCroix.

Cantu said they have served the rice in the cafeteria before so they contacted the manufacturer to ask if something had changed in the product.

Katy ISD initially said therice had been recalled, but later retracted thatstatement.

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