SPRING, Texas -- While police raided an alleged prostitution house in Columbus, Ohio, a mother in Spring waits.

It's sickening, admitted Jo Ann Lowitzer. It's a sick, nervous feeling.

Columbus officers and a private investigator descended on the house in the Franklinton area, looking for Lowitzer's daughter, Ali.

There's a part of you that hopes it's not your daughter that's being put in that situation that's held against her will and drugged and prostituted, she said.

Ali Lowitzer hasn't been seen since getting off her school bus in April 2010.

That is until a private investigator working for the Lowitzer's got a tip that led to Ohio.

The private investigator told them that not only did people at the house recognize Ali from pictures, but the investigator herself even caught a glimpse of the now 19-year-old.

There's a lot of different emotions that go along with not just a possible sighting for Ali but our PI saying she saw Ali, said Lowitzer.

In the Tuesday night raid, police only found a couple of people inside and Ali wasn't one of them.

This time, it's like it's so close that you can taste it, Lowitzer explained.

Lowitzer is still hopeful that the tip will eventually pan out and her daughter finally comes home.

Ali's 20th birthday is on Monday, Feb. 3.

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